Visit or live in Florence like a local with “A Daydream in Florence”


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle

The upcoming new year will be full of new adventures, and I am emphatically excited! Not only will we be welcoming our first child in April, but we are starting up a new business! With the excitement of it there are occasional waves of nervousness too, mostly in trying to figure out the ropes of everything (the unknown can be such inspiring but scary territory!), but our passion for this business we’re pursuing in helping people and for Italy never fails to trump the nerves.

“A Daydream in Florence” is what we’ve called the company, because we want to provide people with experiences that are dreams made into reality. We all have different dreams, hopes, wants, desires, of all shapes and sizes. I remember when I first came to Italy, once to study and then to stay, often pondering, “I want/need to do this, this and this, but how?!” Cue impending and crippling doubt, anxiety and disappointment, but still lingering dreams. On top of the own walls we can internally face, Italy can slam a few down hard in your path sometimes. Life isn’t so easy here, contrary to popular belief when people see the mystifying photos and films. I seriously would have been at such a loss on countless occasions if it weren’t for the persistence and knowledge of my husband and Italian family. Even with their help, things don’t often come easy here!

So how in this bel mondo are visitors, expats or even longtime locals who maybe don’t speak the language or don’t know particulars about the way things work around here (or how they don’t really work…) supposed to figure things out here?! There’s often help through new acquaintances, books and blogs (it’s the inspiration behind this one!) or other resources, but often times they don’t go deep enough or where you want to go at all. That’s the main focus of what we do and love to do: help you figure whatever-it-is out. Or we just do it all for you, leaving you to reap all the benefits 🙂


Here to help you make things happen!

The idea for this project has been percolating since the beginning of our relationship. It evolves and adapts, and will continually do so. The ideas come easy because the passion births them. The implementation is the challenge, and we’re trying! We know that the failure would lie most ultimately in not trying. As tough as it can be when “busts” happen, be they big or small, the regret would be in failing to try at all when you really believe in something. We’re striving to focus not on the reasons why we can’t do it, but why we can, hoping to consequently be exceptional among the masses 🙂 We figure, if we just can’t stop thinking about this as our life’s work, then it’s probably a good one to pursue, right?!

We’ve been busy compiling connections and contacts to provide for people, from tour guides to photographers to event planners, and more. It’s been amazing actually – the more we’ve believed and persisted in this idea, the more things have appeared in our path to make it work. For example, we encountered a kind older couple in our neighbourhood who have these 3 beautiful vintage cars that they don’t wish to sell but would love to see them being loved, and so we shined them up together to be ready to use with our clients! We will also have an apartment available for guests in the centre of Florence in just a couple of months. My interior designer husband, Alessio is adding his magic touch to it while maintaining the classic Tuscan touches, like the original exposed wooden-beamed ceiling and terracotta tiled floor.

Since we enjoy helping people so much and that the tasks are things we  often do ourselves as locals in love with our land, we think that is what will leave people most satisfied and give them an experience that goes beyond their expectations. We know one of the most important keys in this business is to know the wants and needs of those interested in using it, of course. That’s the whole point, pursuing the joy of knowing we have helped others realize their dreams!

So what is it you dream of making your reality in Italy? Do you want to move here? Have a long-term stay? Just one perfect day? Plan a surprise or party? Get married here? Connect with relatives or old friends? Know where to find the authentic olive oil and pick the olives yourself? Taste Chianti in Chianti? Have a ride in a vintage Italian car to that idyllic Tuscan town you can’t get out of your head, while pausing whenever you wish along the rolling roads on the way for unique photo ops and to clink prosecco glasses? Learn the history of all the amazing stuff you’re surrounded by, or perhaps you’re missing because it’s not being pointed out to you? Have something special delivered to someone here? Pick up something like a Christmas tree since you don’t have a car here? Figure out what you need to do to get a car here? Just get that blasted paper work done already? Big or small dreams, share them with us!


Cruise in our vintage cars!

Inspire us with your story. What chapter are you in and where do you want it to go? That totally just reminded me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books I used to read as a child. You know them, right? Well that’s what we’re here for – to help you turn the page in your “choose your own adventure” book!

We would love your feedback to fuel this fire we’ve started in serving people through “A Daydream in Florence.” Tell us what you want, or what you would want to see happen in your dolce vita here in Italy, however long your stay!

Dream On,

Gina & Alessio – “A Daydream in Florence”


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